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Bad Weather & The Blues

Bad Weather & The BluesBill Sammon
00:00 / 04:12

Bill Sammon: Vocal, Acoustic Guitars, Bass

J. Scott Gaeta: Keyboards, Electric Guitars, Drums, Harmony Vocal


“At its heart, this is a shameless homage to The Boss, with a melody influenced by the British Invasion Pop that influenced him, and a lyric that may leave you with more questions than answers. Thankfully, the story is 100% fiction. It began as a simple writing exercise, creating a character wrestling with the internal issues that trouble him. Our anti-hero has some serious unresolved problems with his occupation. I'm not sure what this guy's job is, but he's not someone you want a visit from. He clearly wants out, yet sees no path to a better life, and no good choices. He seems resigned to a long journey thru an endless night that never leads to morning.”


All I see is darkness in this city of light

My mind is a-racin', I'll get no sleep tonight

I need a best bad decision, never mind win or lose

It's never good when all that's left to choose

is between bad weather and the blues


I close my eyes for a minute and pretend everything's alright

still I'm not sure how I'm gonna make it home tonight

The second hand keeps tickin', there'll be no more sins excused

So I'm just gonna grab my walkin' shoes

and forget all this bad weather and the blues


There's things I've done I'm not proud of, don't dare to ask me why

The lessons learned, oh how they burn like lightning in my mind


Still I search for a peace I know I'll never find

Somewhere sweet, where I can leave this all behind

But there's always another job, and another point to prove

So I'll take a pass on the cocaine and the booze

and pour another cup of bad weather and the blues


Out on the highway past the city limit sign

Another soul's been taken, I know it could've been mine

But it's just another fool, who took too long to choose

Sometimes, heads or tails, you're gonna lose

in the game of bad weather and the blues


And I know I'll keep on searchin' til my bones no longer move

while all that could have been keeps crashing through

my frail shelter from bad weather... and the blues....

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