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Album Credits & Thanks

All songs written by Bill Sammon, except “Release” with lyrics by Abby Martin.
© 2021 Bill Sammon / Phillycat Music

Music and Vocals performed by Bill Sammon and J. Scott Gaeta

"Run Right Outta Road" features pedal steel by Josh Bertrand
and acoustic guitar by Jerome Brich

Produced and arranged by J. Scott Gaeta and Bill Sammon

Recorded and mixed by J. Scott Gaeta at Music Factory Productions, Omaha Ne.
April - October 2021

Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering, Omaha Ne.

Disc Duplication and Printing by Isodisc, Omaha Ne.

Cover Art Design by Bill Sammon with Steve Monson

Photo of Bill by Chip Duden

Havertown House Art by Abby Martin

“Havertown” video by Tica Perri

RIHP Tiger Rodriguez O'Malley Jr.


My Eternal Gratitude and Big Love to:

My sweet Patty, who loves me despite my flaws, encourages me, keeps me honest, and supported the slow process of making this long-dreamed dream into a reality. I love you for all the days of my life!

Abby Martin, for your wonderful artwork, thoughtful lyrics, delicious cooking, and beautiful spirit. I love you too.

Scott Gaeta, who I knew in my gut was the only person who could make these recordings turn out better than how I've heard them in my head. Your kind patience brought out my best work. Your many talents brought these songs to life. Working with you was an amazing learning experience, and helped make me a better musician. 

Josh Bertrand and Jerome Brich, for lending their exceptional musical talents to “Run Right Outta Road”. Thank you, gents.

Barb Kegel and Steve Monson at Isodisc for all their gracious and patient help with graphics and duplication.

Tica Perri, for the wonderful video for “Havertown”. Like your own music, it's going to move some hearts.

Brent Malnack & Mars Booth, for all the early shows at the Growler, and for doing the webcast that changed everything. You really made a difference.

Lorin Guenette-Moseman, for straight up telling me to get out of my own way and write more songs. I needed that push at the time. 


Special thanks to Jerome Brich and Mary Montag for hosting the Folkhouse Concert Series in their home for over 20 years. These shows have provided me with immeasurable close-up insight into the craft of songwriting, directly from those who live that life. I could not have written some of these songs without their collective influence. Folkhouse has been a generous gift to the Omaha musical community, and we should all be grateful for the countless personal sacrifices you've made to keep it happening.


The members of the Facebook group “Growing Up in Havertown” for all your wonderful heartfelt emails, messages and texts, filled with your pictures and personal memories of our hometown, and for sharing and viewing my demo video of “Havertown” over 10,000 times! I still can't believe it. I hope you like the new one more.


Every venue owner/manager who has ever hired me to play acoustic shows more than once, those who took a chance on me back when I was getting started, and especially those who hire me regularly now. Thank you!


Every musician, both famous and unknown, throughout my life who provided me with any measure of musical inspiration or influence, great or small. There's a trace of you in every note I play. 


Everyone who regularly attends my live shows and has been supportive of my work. There's simply too many to name you all, and I don't want to forget to include anyone. So please know that I see you, I value you, and I wouldn't be able do this half as well without you in my corner. You have my sincerest thanks and appreciation.


Most of all, I'm grateful to you for picking up this album, and listening to my songs & stories. So much detailed work and care went into the making of these recordings. They were made to sound good. I hope you can listen to them in a way that you can take these songs into your heart, because they came from mine. 

Bill Sammon
November 2021

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