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Run Right Outta Road

Run Right Outta RoadBill Sammon
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Bill Sammon: Vocal, Acoustic Guitars, Bass

J. Scott Gaeta: Drums, Piano, Electric Guitars, Harmony Vocals

Jerome Brich: Acoustic Guitar Lead

Josh Bertrand: Pedal Steel


“I play my live acoustic shows locally. I'm fortunate that I don't have to rely on them for my living. But there are hundreds of songwriters out there for whom constant touring is not only an economic necessity, but one of life itself. It's who and what they are, and it's all they've got. This song is dedicated to those musical road warriors, both famous and unknown, who are out on the road 200 nights a year or more, doing what they have to do just to make the next show. It's a harder life than most of us will ever know, and they wouldn't have it any other way. God bless 'em all.”


I stopped outside of Abilene, to fuel up on gasoline and go

Got about a hundred fifty miles, to play another $100 show

Tomorrow night is Tulsa, then up to old St Lou

and I know it's gonna be too long before I get home to you


But the wheels keep on turnin', and the Earth keeps going 'round

and here I am on another night in another distant town

I'll sing until my voice is sore, until my fingers burn

And tell of all the lessons I have learned, and get the stories told

'cause I'm runnin' til I run right out of road


Well you know this life's my choosin',

'cause I just got tired of losin' all the time

Every day I'm gonna miss you,

and I won't get to kiss you again tonight


But the moon keeps a-risin' and the sun keeps goin' down

and here I am on another stage in another far-off town

I do this 'cause it's just the best thing I know how to do

Comin' here to play these songs for you, so rest your load

while I run until I run right out of road


Soon I'll take down all my gear and pack it in the car

and by that time, it won't be long before they close the bar

so please tip your waitress and come on back, my friend

but when you do, I'll be long gone and down the road again


At a truck stop near Phoenix,

there's a diner with the best jukebox around

I'll order eggs and sausage, and a pot of coffee just to wash it down

I don't know how long I'll do this, but I'll do it while I can

and when there's no more music, then there might not be no man


But the wheels keep on turnin', and the Earth keeps going 'round

and I'm out on the interstate, headed for another town

I'll pull into a parking lot and roll up by the door

and soon my songs will come alive once more.

It's the musician's code


Keep rollin' til you run right out of road

...til you run right out of road

Keep runnin' til you run right out of road

...til you run right out of road

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