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Silver Star

Silver StarBill Sammon
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Bill Sammon: Vocal, Acoustic Guitars, Bass

J. Scott Gaeta: Drums, Piano, Organ, Electric Guitars, Harmony Vocal


“This lyric, written in 2003, was never intended to be political. However, in recent times, it seems to have taken on that veneer. I meant it as an admonition aimed at those in workplaces, classrooms and other situations who, instead of being a team player, insist on being in charge of everything when they clearly lack the vision, talent, expertise, or disposition to do so effectively. For them, it's only about the title and the authority. They often fail to see that the ship already has a captain, and if they don't get their way, they will sink the boat. In the interest of transparency, my younger self was guilty of this flaw at times. That's likely why I now see it for what it is. The story also uses the analogy of the old-time cowboy movies of the 1940's and 50's, and what being an example of integrity that folks could look up to used to mean. Funny how there's so much behind simple verses. The song title came from the name of a Country band I played bass for a while back, and the music followed suit."


Back in my father's time, for a nickel and a dime

He could go to see a Western picture show

and there upon the screen, on a horse named Kerosene

there rode a man who wore a silver star


In the saddle, he rode tall. He was a hero to all

and he stood for things like honesty and trust.

But it seems like nowadays, leaders lie right to your face

and the silver star has slowly turned to rust


Shine on silver star

Shine for who you are

Do what is right, fight the good fight

Shine on silver star


Now the lesson here to learn, is that honor must be earned

'cause any fool can go and buy a silver star

If with legends you would ride, you better take a good look inside

and I hope you find the man you think you are


Shine on silver star

Won't you shine for who you are

Do what is right, fight the good fight

Shine on silver star


Do what is right, fight the good fight

Shine on silver star

Shine on silver star

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